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Public security

In recent years, the “national security” strategy has put forward higher requirements for social management, public order, disaster prevention and relief, and the fight against terrorism. Tongfang cooperated with Department of Engineering Physics of Tsinghua University and Public Safety Research Institute, and relying on world’s leading radiation imaging technology, electronic information technology, chip and radio frequency identification technology, etc., it has built an urban public safety industry matrix cored at public safety, prevention and emergency, import and export control, which has extended to various fields.

  • Tongfang has independent intellectual property rights of core technologies of all the security products, and has involved in formulating the first international standards of China’s nuclear industry; it has plants in Europe, South America and other places, serving more than 140 countries and regions, and ranking the third globally.

  • Tongfang has participated in the development of serial standards of the national emergency platform and public safety, and its provincial-level emergency platform market share has reached 90%.

  • Tongfang ranks first in Chinese market of access control system based on SM1 cryptographic algorithm

Case Study


Norwegian custom

Norwegian custom

I finally decided to buy products manufactured by Nuctech Company Limited, because they are superior to other similar products in image quality and radiation protection.