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Tongfang LED Lighting Industry Group has a complete LED industry chain including urban lighting planning and design, lighting manufacturing, as well as design and construction of urban landscape and waterscape art engineering, and provides LED lighting products and lighting solutions with high light efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost for commercial construction, industrial and mining enterprises, municipal facilities, outdoor roads, urban landscape, and waterscape art projects.

Tongfang has first-class qualification of city and road lighting construction, Class A qualification of lighting design, and top grade qualification of design and construction of water landscape; moreover, it has been rated as “China top 100 enterprises in lighting projects” for many consecutive years; a number of major national projects undertaken by Tongfang have been awarded “The Luban Prize for Construction Project”.

Case Study


China Illuminating Engineering Society

China Illuminating Engineering Society

The lighting construction of Hangzhou G20 Summit shows the level and strength of China’s lighting industry to the world. When we are reveling in the glitzy atmosphere at this sleepless night, we cannot forget the hard work of lightning staff.


  • Night Lighting Project of Chongqing Grand Theatre
    Night Lighting Project of Chongqing Grand Theatre
    The unified centralized control of the lighting performance in form of video media has become another business card of Chongqing nightscape.
  • Charming Hangzhou, Tongfang lightning lightens East Station
    Charming Hangzhou, Tongfang lightning lightens East Station
    For welcoming and sending off guests, Asian largest transportation hub—Hangzhou East Station plays an important role.In order to enhance the overall image of Hangzhou East Railway Station, which is the gate of Hangzhou, and beautify the environment of hub area, since December last year, a night lighting project has been conducted at Hangzhou East Station hub.