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Finance & insurance

Tongfang financial resources library has an all-around investment and financing platform, focusing on information, security, energy-saving, environmental protection, medical treatment and health, and other competitive industries of Tongfang, which can provide a variety of structured investment and financing solutions for Tongfang subsidiaries and provide fund guarantee for project planning and implementation, basic research and technological transformation, and the introduction of talents through a variety of business cooperation models, thus helping Tongfang go further and stably and do better.

  • Tongfang Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. integratedly manages more than 300 billion of financial assets, including investment, funds, insurance, trust banks, and other financial forms, to support technological innovation and industrial development.

  • It owns Tongfang Kontafarma, Tongfang Technovator, Neo-Neon, and other international capital platforms.

  • Tongfang actively promotes EMC, PPP, BOT, FL, and other investment and operation modes.

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It is more convenient to payment and I think the competition is the service, service is the key, and their service attitude is very good.